My employee is ill — do I have to pay them?

THE EMPLOYEE’S RIGHTS: the employee is entitled to wages in the event of an illness certified by a doctor.

THE BERN SCALE:  the employer is responsible for paying the employee their wages for a limited period which varies depending on years of service as long as the working relationships have lasted more than three months or been agreed for more than three months.

During the 1st year of service (from the 3rd month): 3 weeks of wages
From the 2nd year of service: 1 month of wages
From the 3rd to the 4th year of service: 2 months of wages
From the 5th to the 9th year of service: 3 months of wages
From the 10th to the 14th year of service: 4 months of wages
From the 15th to the 19th year of service: 5 months of wages


APGM (Insurance for loss of income due to illness): Chèque service subscribes this service for contracts providing for at least 8 hours per week of work.

The collection of the allowance is undertaken by Chèque service.

At any time, the employer can make a written request to cancel the APGM insurance via Cheque service. The cancellation will not have retroactive effect and will be effective from the next billing period (January, April, July or October) following the request.

All declarations (wages, insurance claim, etc.) must be addressed to Chèque service within three days. They must be sent to Helsana via Chèque Service.

In the event of employee illness, the employer will pay a minimum of 80% of their wages from the 1st day to the 30th day of their illness.

From the 31st day, Helsana will directly pay a daily allowance to the employee for a maximum of 730 days for incapacity of at least 25% following an illness. The wages are set at 80% of gross AVS wages.