Areas of activity in the housekeeping economy

The housekeeping economy expresses the notion of work in a private household, including the following activities in particular:

Cleaning staff

Do you hire a cleaning lady or someone to help with your household chores for 4 hours per week?


Even if they work in your home just a few hours per week, you must make a social security contributions statement.  

Au pairs

An au pair comes to Switzerland for 12 months in order to share a family’s life and learn French in exchange for cleaning and/or looking after children (a maximum of 30 hours per week). The au pair is also fed and lodged by the family and receives cash wages.


Remuneration in kind (food and lodgings) and wages in cash must be declared to social security.


Childcare, nannies

A nanny is responsible for your children. You are legally obliged to declare their wages to social security. Please note that it is not possible for the same person to look after several families’ children and for these families to each pay a share of the employee’s wages.

Homework tutoring

Tutors who come to your home to provide your children with support also have to be declared to social security.


Do you hire someone to mow the lawn or for small gardening jobs between the months of March and November?


This person is also subject to social security contributions.

Carers for a sick person or for a senior

Do you take someone on to look after a sick relation for two months on their return from hospital? Do you hire someone to watch over a senior at night?


These domestic employees must be declared to social security.


Butler, housekeeper, chauffeur, cook