Chèque service proposes an administrative service to private households in the Canton of Geneva to facilitate the procedures for declaring the wages of people working in their homes to mandatory social security schemes.

Our team of professionals relieves you of these administrative tasks and helps you to be in compliance with the Swiss Federal Act on Old-Age and Survivors' Insurance (known as LAVS).

Chèque service is not intended for associations, clubs or small businesses.



Registering with Chèque service means:

  • Relieving yourself of the responsibility of declaring social security contributions,
  • Being guaranteed that you are in compliance with social security laws,
  • Benefiting from personalized advice on employment law and social security,
  • Having a single point of contact for social security and insurance,
  • Receiving interim and final statements,
  • Being exempted from drawing up the employee’s annual wage certificate,
  • Delegating administrative tasks for all social security payment claims (allowance claims, insurance claims, insurance certificates, etc.)
  • Guaranteeing data confidentiality



Do you work for private households as a cleaner, a nanny, a carer for a sick person or for a senior, or as a gardener?

Your employer has an obligation to declare you to social security and to take out accident insurance, regardless of your status in Switzerland.

Insurance contributions guarantee your right to social security payments, under certain conditions:

  • Family allowance
  • Unemployment benefits (for people with a work permit  for Switzerland)
  • Maternity allowance
  • Contributions towards retirement



Social security coverage for employees in Switzerland includes the following types of insurance:

Old age and survivor’s insurance, invalidity insurance, and insurance for loss of income (known respectively as AVS, AI and APG)
Unemployment insurance (known as AC)
Maternity insurance (known as Amat)
Family allowance (known as AF)

Occupational accident insurance (known as AAP)
Non-occupational accident insurance (known as AANP)
2nd pillar: Occupational Pension Fund (known as LPP)
Insurance for loss of income due to illness (known as APGM) — non mandatory