Nothing could be easier than getting Chèque service to handle the social security declarations for your employees and their administrative follow-up!


Register now and return the completed document to us by post or email. This needs to be filled in and signed by yourself and your employee with a copy of their AVS card. In the event that the AVS card is not available, please send us a copy of a valid proof of identification.


In order to fill in the form, it is important to be clear about the choice of declaration that you are making.


In order to declare your employee’s wage-related social security contributions, Chèque service must be informed every month of the net amount that you have paid them.




Paper check
Monthly wage
Each paper check is identical for the 12 months of the year
Hourly wage without in kind benefits*

Corresponds to hours effectively worked
Paper check to send by post at each month end
Social security contributions

Social security contributions billed in advance quarterly (payment slip)
More freedom
The coupon is signed by both parties. My employee is clear about the monthly declarations.
Online declaration
Monthly wage
Each month the salary must be validated online with a click
Hourly wage without in kind benefits or LPP*

Corresponds to hours effectively worked
Wages to declare online at the end of each month
Social security contributions
No billing, I commit to covering the social security contributions via e-banking
More autonomy
Declaration and payment of contributions, when it suits me. I can view my account at any time, print pay checks and more info available.

* The accepted remuneration in kind benefits is Food and accommodation as per the rates established by the LAVS (Federal Act on Swiss State Pension).

The LPP occupational pension threshold is CHF 1'837.50 gross per month for the year 2024.



You pay your employee the net monthly wages.

With regard to the employee’s and employer’s social security contributions: Chèque service pays the contributions to the relevant insurance schemes according to the information available in the monthly declaration.

For this, Chèque service operates on a principle of provisional installments and, each quarter, bills the prepayments of social security contributions, estimated on the basis of the information contained in the registration form. Bills are payable within 30 days.


Only the actual amount of social security contributions is accounted for, then the balance is carried forward at the beginning of the year or reimbursed at the end of the period.


Chèque service does not send billing for clients with an online account. Employers must pay regularly into their account in order to cover the social security contributions of the salaries accounted for.